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Fashion and beauty as an app – Fashionistas online

What our Smartphone can do! It’s not just phone (actually almost its least important component) but much, much more. In the morning it serves as an alarm clock, it gives us information about our current cycle, the pill supported by memory function. In addition, it is the collection point of all social networks and therefore social contacts, casually forgetting organizer with punctual prompt, not a date. The woman of today with her cell phone makes price comparisons, uses it as a route planner, communication tool and toy with the “Plus” to special functions. For all meaningful and less meaningful things in life, there is now an App – It is said of parents who are networked via the smartphone to tap each vial, each diaper and other activities between Baden and walking with the baby in her phone to to use a kind of virtual diary with control function. Because it’s really not surprising that there are also apps that bring in terms of fashion a consultative, award-comparative and thus promising function directly on the phone with an Internet connection. These apps are available for all mobile operating systems, even for free download and free use with because through advertising of fashion retailers and other interested parties of the publisher of the app has already earned his money.

The Apps are built differently – so each user can determine which of their fashion and shopping habits is best in question. Compile Party outfits – which makes it today no longer in front of the closet and use the wardrobe of all girlfriends. One feeds the Handyapp with the things that you yourself in the closet, looking to online a matching shirt or trendy shoes, provides this combination put to the vote in the circle of friends online – on Messenger, App colleagues or social network you get then opinions that buying then classify as good or less great. The laborious tumult in clothes racks of department stores thus comes to an end – the house is left again until perfectly styled for the party.

Other fashion apps offer just have a constantly updated overview of the top brands, fashion labels and designers and their latest works. Such helpers are incidentally not used exclusively by women – and men with fashion sense to use those free apps in a programmed especially for her version. The always same and probably slightly disinterested “yes” of a partner or a partner can now deal also via smartphone app: One posting on the additional program, a photo of themselves in a nightlife outfit and gets out of a predetermined group of users the desired Likes or Dislikes. Can be expanded on topics such as makeup and hairstyles on Fashion Finder and Store Finder, with price comparison features and even bargain alerts the apps from the world of fashionistas have become indispensable today. Finally, the Smartphone is through these additional programs at the same time adviser, shopping mall, banking and communication device for sharing with real, live people, it also still to give. Besides, the Internet is not working again …

Mephisto – shoes with healthy Plus

Clearly – Mephisto shoes are not the cheap products that are currently in fashion. Those who expect bargain prices in the low budget range, must at this shoe brand does not look product range in the (online), because there are indeed special deals, but these still operate in a higher price range. However, for those who value the health of his feet, high-quality, durable quality and at the same time an always new, fresh design is in good hands with the shoe brand.

Mephisto company

In total, about 2,800 people are employed by the company – not only in the production of shoes, but also in producing chic leather accessories. In addition, the company offers very high-quality shoe care product lines and has expanded its workspace on clothing. The company exists since 1965 and can look back on an exemplary career. At the beginning of the company founder Martin Michaeli focused on its location in France, near the border with Germany situated and thus laid the foundations of later success. Anxious not to step on the spot, but to expand as far as possible, the company Mephisto reached so far a not unattractive reputation that resounded quickly in international fields. At the very beginning has been made clear that it did not want to produce “any” shoes, but high goals saw as put: The best shoe that is to get in the world, should come from the house of Mephisto. To assess this fact would be presumptuous – but the fact is that one strives to offer the customer value for money and really high-quality goods. Very exquisite materials, a high standard in the manufacturing and – after all, in the field of mass production – strong commitment to providing each buyer also an excellent fit, come together with the most important elements of each new fashion season.

Even today, after 50 years after founding the company, the head office of Mephisto is in Sarrebourg in eastern France. A center which includes the structure of the company, the technical standards, the economic concerns (including financial management) controls. Is also produced in France, moreover, still in Portugal. The subsidiaries in Nashville in the US, in Montreal in Canada and in Viana do Castelo in Portugal are complemented by another in Tokyo (Japan). Only about 15 percent of all sales of Mephisto shoes are recognized in your home country France. Thus, of the pairs of shoes daily produced on average about 20,000, 85 percent go to customers of shoe shops and online stores from around the world. It is worth noting, incidentally, the fact that even the spoiled of shoemaking in their own country Italian clientele provided a basis for an export market – rather than after years of effort on the part of Mephistopheles in charge, but as one of the first steps towards expansion of the company at all. Similarly, the branch testifies in Tokyo in the immediate vicinity of almost exclusively large corporations with headquarters in Europe by the success story of Mephisto shoes.

The Mephisto designs

The huge success of Mephisto designs is due to the brand ‘Rainbow’. This shoe brand boosted sales, hence the reason 190 other shoe manufacturers followed suit and copied the design. This particular shoe despite its colourful name is rather dapper and robust – it is available in a range of colours between black and various shades of brown, he also has a well-defined, stable sole, and now almost as a “typical” to be designated lacing on.

Since the success of Rainbow many years have passed – but still it is the supreme principle of the company to equip all models of highest quality and top comfort. So you will be more likely to seek in vain at Mephisto High Heels, plateaus and other fads in the (online) catalogues and shelves. Despite the core interest of healthy feet, the fashionable shoe design nevertheless does not remain unnoticed. Entire teams of innovative designers always bring fashionable relevant provisions and fresh ideas in the collections of each season with a. These fashion trends are observed and followed, of course, color accents are placed, always try to follow the latest trends. Never, however, one foot is affected by the fashion in his health – and for the company’s internal guidelines for material selection and editing, and technical finesse that belong in every Mephisto model as standard care. Shoes for long working days, for demanding things, for sports and outdoor adventures are always on offer, the shoe brand – in design between sporty, casual and elegant to settle. This “history” come every season to the 600 models on the market, manufactured in up to 160 individual partial steps in the production. In addition to the brand name Mephisto can be found in the shops and stores, incidentally also the series “Sano”, “automobile” and “all-rounder”.

All aspects of foot health

Footwear is – regardless of its design – related to foot health. On the one hand, the foot or the delicate skin on your feet in a friendly environment that should be considered; all the more so the longer the shoes at a stretch be (just as at work or during sports activities) supported and the more you sweat in it. On the other hand, has the construct of sole, footbed and heel the bones and the muscular apparatus, may be useful for the back and the neck not only at the foot itself but all the way up. So here it plays a part, a role which materials surround the foot: Are these breathable, loaded with chemicals, you can absorb moisture? On the other hand, the shoes may not favour any postural problems.

Mephisto uses natural materials. Leather, rubber and cork are preferably processed; but just for the outdoor shoes and Gore-Tex elements are used. This makes for an excellent climate in the shoe – foot diseases and annoying odor are thus a barely acute problem. Removable and thus replaceable footbeds favor continued a hygienic and healthy benefits of the shoes. Up to the last detail of the shoe manufacturing, the quality awareness continues with Mephisto: Special glue, a selected yarn – everything corresponds to high demands that the company itself. Before something goes into production, the compatibility is checked by wear tests and laboratory samples; only when the green light is given here, shoes come with technical or material-related innovations to the market.

Mephisto shoes could also be described as practical shoes with a modern flair. Many technical refinements can be found in these shoes. A patent the company owns on the Soft-Air technology. An additional sole between footbed and outsole is here provided with an air cushion; this reduces the load on the occurrence to a minimum, actually barely existing measure. Joints and even disc compatible proves this patent, which also is available in modern packaging those who should be fashionably dressed-date and elegant at work, but actually going through so heavy use of the feet and the skeletal system that they should work with hiking boots.

To adapt to the needs of customers is a great art which is understood by the company Mephisto – and successfully implemented. So the shoes for the European sales are made taking into account the climatic conditions and anatomic – but also for the claims on the other continents.

To summarise, one can say that the Mephisto shoe is expensive only at first glance. With healthy feet, you can easily walk. this price is charged on one side of – on the other side, the cost is worthwhile because of the durability and the use of natural products. Hundreds of online shops and thousands of Mephisto shoe shops sell this type of shoe to customers.