The Jeans: always modern, but in the right size and fit please!

Jeans have been around since 1850. In this long history, much has changed, has become the jeans in the fashion established, more than any other piece of clothing. Einstein invented as a practical work clothes, this special area occupies today rather a small manufacturing sector a: The jeans have become for women and men to favorite pants and trump in countless variations. An indispensable part of work and play, from Schmuddellook and nightlife clothes – you have already seen combinations of jeans and blazer even before the registrar. Celebrities, politicians and poor people love the pants like no other and it is not anticipated that this success story, started by brand icon Levi Strauss, might eventually come to an end. The former work-wear is compliant society, viewed and popular than ever.

Even visually, everything has changed since the first pair of jeans so much that this would go beyond talk to each frame. The substance alone is to have in every conceivable coloring – and with even more “special treatments”. In every color of denim can be washed out, and that too in different ways. Between directly washes white and stonewashed optics can be found many variations plus there are artificially incorporated cracks, fraying and other “finishing”. From the sexy Hot Pant jeans over Bermuda, towards 7/8 and long pants everything can be found in the assortment – plus the various sections of pipe to Boyfriend model and the type of the pant leg, best known here bootcut and flared trousers.

For every shape and figure, there is a pair of jeans!

A look in the pedestrian zone, for example, from a street cafĂ©, shows that not everyone has a knack in the selection of his jeans. So is this self study that not every lady a hipster – not even in the form of a pair of jeans – can contribute and that many a man his problem areas rather clear, as laminated, by simply choosing a pair of jeans in the wrong section. In that some jeans only magically seems to hold the buttocks of young men, many have fun with some justification.

Rumor has it that not every jeans is right for every figure. The problem of “false” pants is rather due to the fact that some people, whether man or woman, just join with violence every fad, rather than simply select the pants, with which the figure would be packed on best and most beautiful. In good clothing stores and boutiques, but also online here will find good advice and opportunities also equal the suitable shopping opportunities. So maybe the pants remains a classic in every season the same – the current mode can be lived out in tops, shoes and accessories. It’s just an aesthetic, if the lady is not just squeezed with wide hips and a roll of fat at the waist in a pair of jeans that just below this role ends at the belly and this so all viewers highlights even more for the dubious pleasure. For all men who are just gloating grin when reading here: The man proves not always talent in the selection of his jeans – what bulging bellies and empty trousers buttocks show every day. A combination of the right cut of trousers and a striking choice of width and length would make much better. There are no excuses!

Discount or designer?

The number of manufacturers of jeans is almost limitless – The fact is that for every budget and every need something would be found. Deciding whether more expensive brand pants or discount discounter model can thus how not answer in so many fashion areas, fixed price. Unfortunately, there are some brands of the sizes for “guys-pr” and “strong women” do not offer, so that a selection is only limited possible. In quality issues the brand jeans scores mostly higher, but it also costs more if you have not just the happiness of Outlet Schnäppchens or a great idea for a reduction. A certain social responsibility borne by the modern jeans buyers but also: Often the favorite pants is manufactured almost katastrohpalen working conditions – chemistry loaded jobs and – just in the Far East – in fact non-existent wages should not be supported through the purchase by the motto “The main thing cheap”. The ability to learn about the manufacturer, there are now for everyone – even directly while shopping, online via smartphone.

Latest fashion: The jeggings

Still new to the fashion market, the combination of leggings and jeans – the jeggings. The pants are in the look of a pair of jeans made of stretch fabrics, as they are known by the leggings for decades. Those who have already met this new form of jeans, know that alone hide many problems in the design. Not every figure is flattered by jeggings – rather the opposite. Too loose in the seat they prepare the slender lady not only visual, but also practical problems (slipping), too tight and stretched wide one sees every bit of cellulite in the chubby Group. An honest self-assessment here is the best advice for the question – jeggings yes or no?