Fashion and beauty as an app – Fashionistas online

What our Smartphone can do! It’s not just phone (actually almost its least important component) but much, much more. In the morning it serves as an alarm clock, it gives us information about our current cycle, the pill supported by memory function. In addition, it is the collection point of all social networks and therefore social contacts, casually forgetting organizer with punctual prompt, not a date. The woman of today with her cell phone makes price comparisons, uses it as a route planner, communication tool and toy with the “Plus” to special functions. For all meaningful and less meaningful things in life, there is now an App – It is said of parents who are networked via the smartphone to tap each vial, each diaper and other activities between Baden and walking with the baby in her phone to to use a kind of virtual diary with control function. Because it’s really not surprising that there are also apps that bring in terms of fashion a consultative, award-comparative and thus promising function directly on the phone with an Internet connection. These apps are available for all mobile operating systems, even for free download and free use with because through advertising of fashion retailers and other interested parties of the publisher of the app has already earned his money.

The Apps are built differently – so each user can determine which of their fashion and shopping habits is best in question. Compile Party outfits – which makes it today no longer in front of the closet and use the wardrobe of all girlfriends. One feeds the Handyapp with the things that you yourself in the closet, looking to online a matching shirt or trendy shoes, provides this combination put to the vote in the circle of friends online – on Messenger, App colleagues or social network you get then opinions that buying then classify as good or less great. The laborious tumult in clothes racks of department stores thus comes to an end – the house is left again until perfectly styled for the party.

Other fashion apps offer just have a constantly updated overview of the top brands, fashion labels and designers and their latest works. Such helpers are incidentally not used exclusively by women – and men with fashion sense to use those free apps in a programmed especially for her version. The always same and probably slightly disinterested “yes” of a partner or a partner can now deal also via smartphone app: One posting on the additional program, a photo of themselves in a nightlife outfit and gets out of a predetermined group of users the desired Likes or Dislikes. Can be expanded on topics such as makeup and hairstyles on Fashion Finder and Store Finder, with price comparison features and even bargain alerts the apps from the world of fashionistas have become indispensable today. Finally, the Smartphone is through these additional programs at the same time adviser, shopping mall, banking and communication device for sharing with real, live people, it also still to give. Besides, the Internet is not working again …