Print patterns and the hip army look for 2015

Every year, the fashion designers from around the world surprise us with the fashion collection they will come up for next year, or even the following season. A change of trendy colours, always unique and “unprecedented”. All the details are coming on the catwalks – and although any colour, any pattern, or any trend were already processed somewhere, each collection is exciting and brings fresh and new designs into the wardrobes of men and women who are fashion followers. Here, times have changed somewhat: In addition to the known thin models in Size Zero clothing, there are also great style ideas available in the Plus Size regions – so that even the strong women with curves can now find outfits from well-known designers and get dressed in a completely different way. This wasn’t the case up to a few years ago. What the designers and famous labels make personally from the “provisions”, each is left to their own devices; personal taste and individual feelings are sometimes the hottest fashion around- and that’s a good thing. Finding and trying are good for just one season with some compromises: So the fashion wheel turns again.

The impressions that the spring and summer 2015 collection make are quite fitting – feminine prevail here, with pastel colours dominating on the one hand ; on the other hand floral pattern in quite expressive, almost somber shades, often in combination with black. The variations make the lady with the fashion sense think there is absolutely nothing wrong with pink and violet in the coming season (bright) – just the mint tones are handled: mainly pastel. Also in combination with the print motifs this colour palette is often seen and liked whenever you go to the worldwide fashion shows .

Don’t look further than floral patterns, as always. Many modern women shudder at the thought of the old floral pattern, which can be found in grandma’s closet (or even in a totally trendy antique shop). But mother nature and fashion designers have indeed a lot of varieties in stock. In contrast to other fashion pastel here colors of the prints clash – the flowers may be large and flat, writhe confusingly on a dress or a top and quietly leave in their colour a bit to Vamp shine through in every woman. These floral motifs can be found thanks to laser technology in leather, in addition to a romantic escapade sequins and other glittery and even as a slip-on silk flower on one or the other little coat for spring. Ranging in the exciting evening wear the flower print draws – Here, for example in a combination of black and an auspicious sexy blood red. The retro look lovers find stylized flowers (from the detergent shelf) as a print – and who can start anything with floral motifs, just take clothes in black and white as a combined way to pastel. Still what’s good about it (a bright spot for those who like to apply their fashion) are animal prints; the Leo-look or a tiger print combined with the pink pants, is still completely up to date.

Always go with subtle colours such as khaki, brown and gray as they are very well complemented with pastel colours. Since the hip clothes for spring and summer 2015 are so popular, but right after the military look – and of experiencing a revival, as it stands in the book. What could be guessed already for autumn and winter 2014, promptly found their way onto the catwalks: Blouses with top-mounted bags, jackets with epaulettes, clearly defined, massive belts – all in the army colours. Tabu is the remnant of the spotted camouflage shelf; nobody really wants to see this design, at least not for now. Incidentally, there are some crazy combinations, especially from the evening wear: Here pastel and Khaki combine almost surprisingly to give an elegant and sexy look with unspeakably female elements, such delicate pleats at floor-length gown and a kind of modified military blouse with breast pocket and collar at the top . Courage has won.