Lingerie: Designer Collections vs. discount goods

While it is rather difficult to convince a man to adapt to a new underwear trend, it irritates the women to always look back and see the bigger picture in this exciting new fashion. The man loves his boxers, his panties or whatever he is used to wearing during the course of his life and he is difficult to dissuade – unless he convinces his attentive girlfriend to make a change in her wardrobe. Rather a lot of male species like to seduce with their underwear; but that’s too much effort and also not masculine enough. In the same breath but precisely this convenience addicts expect their wives and girlfriends to make quite a bit of effort. In addition to their own desire to look good and to feel comfortable, this phenomenon drives the ladies to look again and again for in the latest collections of designer lingerie.

Lingerie collections from Heidi Klum, Britney Spears and Co.

As in the fashion industry in general, there are also the famous underwear departments labels that concentrate more or less on the topic lingerie and sleepwear. Every woman knows the presentations of Victoria’s Secret and dreams, as long as she can indulge in that little bit of luxury, shopping to their hearts content. As a former model for this label, Heidi Klum has created a downright excellent foundation for the still fresh designer existence: Still very fresh their “intimates” with really great ideas that they themselves, of course, can best market. She poses as a model on camera and presents the lingerie. Incidentally, if you’re planning another collection for women and finally men’s collection also appear later than in 2016. Heidi Klum thus fits into a variety of other lingerie designers – among other things, they are now competing with Britney Spears, “The Body” Elle Macpherson and the sisters Monica and Penelope Cruz.

Of course, one must not forget that even very big fashion labels and designers supply the lingerie market with new collections. All in all every piece of a dream, but it may well happen, a single BH from such a collection engulfs the budget, the cost of the contents of an entire a woman’s lingerie drawer. But what woman doesn’t want to pamper herself (and her lover) for Christmas or a birthday by buying such a glamourous piece of lingerie?

Underwear advice – suddenly everything fits!

Before a woman goes into a lingerie store, they should have at least listened to some underwear advice. These can be found in instructions on the Internet, but she can even go into a lingerie boutique where trained staff offer advice. The most beautiful lingerie doesn’t look half as good if it’s not comfortable, even if it’s the cheapest. If “it” is not properly fitted then forget it. Quite often, the ladies who offer underwear advice realize that the BH size is clearly too small. Only a certain percentage wears matching underwear sizes – as well as “too large” lingerie is bought from misunderstood fit again and again. Those who want to measure themselves again, the instructions can be found within a few seconds on the Net – the professionals from the lingerie store want to sell the consulting course and here the prices are even at their highest.

All ladies who have their underbustwidth and their cup size correctly determined, will find what makes a difference whether bra and panties fit correctly if a suitable model for the figure was chosen and so on. Intermediate push-up and Minimizer, between sexy body and shape-concealing goods and also between the different slip formats there are insane optical differences. Often it is, for example, to the too-tight underwear that a shell is not sitting (bacon rolls reinforce visually by a too tight bra) or a pair of pants or a skirt looks quite awful (again swells out a roll of fat over the pants and distinguished ” saddlebags “thigh too clearly from). Should be respected and the famous No-Goes underwear fashion – for example, clearly looming Slips under transparent or very tight fitting clothing or Blümchen- and lace bra under a white blouse (et cetera).

Price differences = differences in quality?

Each woman brings another piece into play, so that there will never be a general answer to the personal question of the correct and appropriate underwear fashion. There are ladies who really cope with the offers from the discounters, and thus do not need to think about whether they should buy perhaps expensive lingerie. Especially women with plump figure and correspondingly fuller bust but in no way should save at the wrong end. Bras that do not support, do not fulfill their purpose – and here noted woman’s quality differences most frequently. The durability is affected by the difference in price or on the quality difference. Thus the rods press at cheap lingerie much more through; the carrier also are not working so solid and one notices the cheaper processing quite quickly risen seams and so on. Nevertheless, it remains ultimately up to the lady even if she buys brand underwear and sexy designer lingerie, or be content with the cheap discounts.