Online Casino Slots

Casino Slots has been around forever and it will probably always be around.  It’s an easy choice for any gambler that feels like having a bit of fun without having to first spend hours learning pay tables or strategy rules.

Casino slots and online slots can be a good way to de-stress as long as you set yourself a budget and stick to it. All you have to do is visit your local casino or if you want to play online, you should check out UK Slots were you can play the most popular slots available today on their software platform.

Types of Casino Slots

Online Casino Slots

The good news is that online casino slots will on average give you a higher payout than normal casino slots because online casinos don’t have to pay for large overhead costs like their brick and mortar counterparts.  You can expect a payout percentage of up to 98% at good online casino slots machines whereas top payouts at normal casino slots is around 90%

Classic Casino Slots

Classic Slots and classic online slots, also referred to as basic slots, are very popular. Classic Slots have 3 or 5 reels that feature single or multiple pay lines. Keep in mind that betting max coins on multi pay lines will increase your winning chances when playing conventional or online casino slots.

Multi Line Casino Slots

These Slots machines and online slots machines have 3 or more reels with multiple pay lines. You can expect anything between two and fifty (or sometimes even more) pay lines. These conventional and online casino slots usually offer bonus rounds and progressive jackpots.

Bonus Casino Slots

This game offers a special bonus for a certain combination of symbols. One of the bonuses may be a free spin. Bonus Slots offer multiple bonus rounds where you get triggers for playing extra bonus rounds, but each game have different triggers. You will continue with your original game once the bonus round is complete.

Feature Casino Slots

These conventional and online slots games are great fun to play and have loads of interesting features including scatters, multipliers, bonus rounds, and wilds. This component increases the gaming challenges. Generally, Feature Slots are multi line Slots.

Progressive Casino Slots

These Slots and online casino slots have great jackpots. They are very popular among online casino slots enthusiasts as it allows multiple online casinos to offer the same progressive jackpot, provided that they use the same software platform.

Multiplier Casino Slots

Regular multiplier slots and online slots are great for those slots enthusiasts who do not like playing max coins, as everyone stands a chance of getting the multipliers. Bonus multiplier slots and online slots differ in that they allow extra bonuses to max coin bidders only.

You should take note though that slots is not a good game to play if you are in it for the money. There is a reason why casino slots and online casino slots account for about seventy to eighty percent of all casinos’ income.

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